Tuesday, August 30, 2011

5 Minutes With Miss ShowPony

Unique Brisbane label Miss ShowPony is far from your everyday millinery and accessories. Each piece is handcrafted with the utmost care in Australia using only premium quality materials. Their range of headbands, fascinators, race-wear, bridal, clip and neck-pieces include both classic, feminine pieces and high fashion looks. 
Designers Kymberly Louise and Carla Sakrzewski sit down with me for 5 minutes maybe a little more to talk about  Miss ShowPony.

SC:  Miss Showpony - how did the name come about and where did it all begin?

KL & CS: Miss ShowPony began with a lot of brainstorming and back-and-forth ideas. We liked 'showpony' for two reasons; yes the obvious one, is that we design racewear, but also, the women who wear our designs are a 'showpony.' They want to make a statement, are well groomed and fashion conscious, they want people to notice what they are wearing and want to own it!

We added the 'Miss' to make the name more feminine. We consider our design aesthetic as we like to call it 'feminine with an edge' which is represented in our name by the femininty of the 'Miss' and the masculinity of the 'showpony.' Hence, Miss ShowPony was born

SC: Your designs are incredibly unique and intricate, where do you find inspiration?

KL & CS: We always start with a colour. We get colour obsessed! We then brainstorm colour combination's so that our colour obsession fits within a collection. Our other fixation is shape. . . once we like a certain shape, we then start to mould and transform the shape to discover varies styles. 

SC: The materials your designs incorporate are of the highest caliber; how do you source these?

KL & CS: We source from all around the world - from the US, UK, Asia, Europe and 'of course' Australia. We spend a lot of time chatting to suppliers on the internet as we are super fussy with the quality of materials we use to create our designs. We have gone so far as to ask for samples to be sent prior to placing an order for materials so we can scrutinize the quality. 

SC: Miss ShowPony offers an exclusive service. Can you please tell us what this is?

KL & CS: At Miss ShowPony we offer a bespoke service where you can get one-off headpieces, designed then handmade for your raceday or wedding day to match your outfit.
For example, we have worked with some of George Wu's clients to design one-off designs.
Recently, we collaborated with emerging lingerie label Thousand Dancers at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival making exclusive neck-pieces and cuffs to accompany her designs down the catwalk.

SC: With so much competition crowding our cities and shopping malls, what makes Miss ShowPony stand out from the rest?

KL & CS:  Customers love that we are handmade in Australia. We also feel our designs push the boundaries of racewear. Instead of the typical sinamay and feathers which women love, we aim to offer designs that push boundaries for those who want to make a statement. Our custom designs have been extremely popular, brides-to-be love this, as do those who are serious about competing in fashions on the field. In the end, our customer design service is priceless.

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To view all collections and Shop online visit http://www.missshowpony.com.au

This has been a Stereotyped Closet installment on - making a statement.

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