Tuesday, September 20, 2011

London goes KAKA for PRINTS

It seems there is a bit of controversy in London, judging from what i have seen I'm surprised headlines aren't screaming "who has the most fabulous print."  or "who can blind an audience with a printed fabric?"

So have designers taken it a little too far?. . . . .  there are definitely a few cases of "don't try this at home" but as a majority the words utter brilliance describe the printed fiasco that's taking over the catwalks at London Fashion Week .

Here's a selection of 'what i think' are stand outs from the show so far . . . 


Ashish Gupta always makes an entrance and this collection is none other than show stopping. It seems his signature style of sequins, glamour and sportswear has been inspired by the work of the late Henri Matisse.
Ignoring the impracticality of turning your shoe into a vase, i honestly think it compliments the designs perfectly.


Energetic, bold and feminine is the words id use to describe Marys collection. I love her use of mustard and blue throughout the range. Due to my googeling abilities, it has been reported that it took 5 people to carry the finale dress (bottom right hand picture) backstage before the show and had to be sewed onto the model after she was already finished with hair and makeup. Sounds like bloody hell to me, but alas . . the end product - AMAZING!!


Intergalactic prints stirred the catwalk creating an electric feel for front rowers at the Basso and Brooke show. Flowy dresses and structured blazers took to stage accompanied by contrasting prints embodied with a purple and orange consistency. I feel like i have taken a step into the world of science fiction and i love it!

Image source: Vogue

So thats it guys, my top 3 collections thus far. Hope you enjoyed.

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Streetstyles Of London Fashion Week

Goodbye New York. . . Hello LONDON

Right: The beautiful Olivia Palermo never disappoints

Image source: Vogue, Grazia, TFS, nymag

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