Thursday, September 1, 2011

Long Legged Chung

Stereotyped Closets first installment on style stalking and project A is off-course, Alexa Chung, or what i like to call, 
'long legged Chung.'
Her covetable hair, effortless style and impeccable fashion choices push her to the top of my stalking list. 
I have decided to take my incredible internet stalking abilities to good use by finding out what 'long legged Chung' is wearing these days?

And our trusty internet reveals this . . .

what have i found? . . . innovative and well assembled outfits.
As per usual, Chung never misses a beat by wearing classic pieces juxtaposed with kooky accessories prints and shoes. 
How do we achieve this? unfortunately, to my dismay, shoes that rad does not exist with an affordable price tag so lets be a little realistic shall we . . . .


  1. Nice post! Alexa is possibly the lankiest, cutest IT girl ever. Plus having a Mulberry bag named in your honour wouldn't be too shabby!

  2. yeahh... MY FAVORITE mulberry bag... grrr... nice sets you ve created!