Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nerding It Up

The “nerd” yes I have already categorized them which falls under the word stereotype, group in the corner. Why are they categorized as a nerd? Not because they have ridiculously high IQ’s or are an introvert and sexually deprived, we have firstly categorized them because of what they are wearing. Think, The Big bang Theory’s Sheldon, contrasting colours, plaid pants worn higher than the norm, clashing prints, suspenders, a shirt promoting the green lantern…. You get the idea, These “nerds” most likely think wearing these items exempt them from the fashion industry but probably don’t realize that designers such as Versus and Dsquared2, latest spring summer  collection is cranking up sex appeal with plaid and Prince of Wales style prints as well as nerdy over-sized glasses. 
Nerds - you have never been oh so sexy.  

Image: google

  Sheldon wearing his signature style overly plaid suit with contrasting tie.

 VERSUS - Donatella Versace, seconded by Christopher Kane cranked up sex appeal with plaids from their latest SS collection.
The Caten brothers have taken a masculine angle for women this SS, opting for plaid tailored pants & shorts and over-sized glasses adding nerd-iness appeal, also featured in their menswear collection.

Oooppss,  looks like i am suffering for a case of nerd inspired fashion. Closet find......
Sportsgirl - on sale. $39.95 SCORE