Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fashwein for I+S

On Friday night i had the utmost pleasure of attending the delightful boutique Izabel + Sebastian once again for the 
launch of a new and exciting project . . . .  "Fashwein"
Leah and her brother Reese are the brains behind the new and exciting global project and are gathering creative minds to 
join their wine-making team. 
Izabel + Sebastian skyped all the way to Germany to get to the lowdown., so whats it all about? .....

Here's a small introduction . . .

Whats so exciting about this project is WE can be involved by simply being the taste testers.
Izabel + Sebastian will be sent samples directly from the source and will hold events during the process where the lucky 
attendees will help modify the wine.
If your not from Brisbane don't panic! simply contact Fashwein and Izabel + Sebastian through facebook and reserve a 
case of fashwein at your own leisure.

So c'mon on peoeples.... dress up and get your creative juices flowing . . . . .

Someone else decided to join the party!!!

Travis and myself decided to start a trend called couple blocking!

The boys skyeping from Germany

Not only was the hospitality amazing -
i even received a personal styling session from the girls!


All are available for purchase at Izabel + Sebastian
Tel: 07 3255 0558 167 Grey Street, South Bank Brisbane

Thank you for an awesome night . . . see you at the next event xo


  1. Hi Steph,
    Wow, we missed all the fun. Someone has to make the vino though ;-)

  2. Nice one steph/I & S! Ps. Couple blocking is a super idea - espesh handy for finding each other in a crowd.