Monday, August 29, 2011


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Kimbra Johnson, known primarily as Kimbra, is a singer/songwriter from Hamilton New Zealand. 
Now residing in Melbourne, Australia like to call her our own (as we do with most New Zealanders)

Her music is soulful, inventive and deeply thematic which is notably presented through her stylized fashion selections.
Not only does her style shout an imaginative, playful and quirky nature but her dance moves leave nothing to the contrary. 
Kimbra plays on colours, vintage fabrics and preppy accessories to create a romanticized yet edgy look. 

In my opinion, Kimbra is one for the style icon book - currently at page 1.

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"She was like a current of electricity, striking at every single corner of the room"
- Drum Magazine

For all you Aussies, Kimbra is touring Australia and is "not surprisingly" nearly SOLD OUT!
Find your tickets FAST.

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